Recruitment Agency with Exceptional Recruiters on Staff.

We are a talent acquisition team, which offers contingent, permanent placement as well as consulting talent across the disciplines of information technology, insurance, accounting and finance.

Our competitive advantage is "three-fold"

  1. The average experience of our Search Professionals is over 17 years.
  2. Our sourcing techniques locate the person best fitted for the job, which means understanding the client culture as well as the role that is being filled.
  3. We get to know our job seekers by exploring their core competencies and career objectives. This enables us to precisely match them with the opportunities that best reflect their requirements for career growth, location, the right corporate culture and quality of life.

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Ready to perform a reality-check on your personal brand? Comb through your academic records, performance reviews, and client feedback. Look for recurring qualities that stand out most and compare to them to your version of your best self. Do they match?

If not, you make be guilty of making these personal branding mistakes:

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