Advanced IT Skills New Gold Standard For Competitive Advantage

Never before, in the history of business, has there been anything so revolutionizing as today’s information technology (IT). We read about it every day; E-Commerce, Globalization, Virtual Business, and, of course, The Internet.  And with this, the exploding demand for advanced technical and project management skills in the IT workforce.  Old workforce solutions are obsolete.  And the convergence of IT is creating new competitors faster than companies can stake out new territory in the marketplace.

Is it really a “Change or Die” scenario?

Worldwide, more than 70% of the workforce in developed economics is now information workers.  And in spite of the fact that there will be more than 1.2 million IT consultants by year 2020, the emerging knowledge-worker storage threatens to cripple traditional-thinking companies and our economy.

In this brave new IT economy, the rules have all changed.  Advanced IT skills are now the gold standard for driving competitive advantage.

Smart, aggressive business are evolving at warp speed and moving up the food chain as their new dynamic workforce strategies allow them to augment their core competency on the fly.

What today’s enterprise requires is strategic workforce flexibility.  And the only way to develop this quality is to build a “strategic staff augmentation” capability right into the fabric of the corporate culture.  In practical terms, a company’s core IT  taps an external resource for advanced IT skills on an as-needed basis.  This enables the global enterprise to quickly react to constantly shifting technology challenges.

By partnering with a specialty IT firm whose primary mission is to provide “preferential access”  to the very best advanced IT skills available, it’s now possible to adapt. And succeed.

The 80/20 Staffing Strategy

While mission-critical IT solutions should not be outsourced, they should, in fact, be more effectively augmented by adding specialty IT consultants to a company’s workforce on an as needed basis.  These high calibers, business savvy individuals combine their IT expertise with typically delivers 80% of the value on a given IT strategy.

This approach is called “strategic staff augmentation.”  It’s a new workforce strategy, which adds the effectiveness and flexibility of an on-demand advanced IT skills workforce to your core staff.  It’s the 80/20 rule at its best.  This is taking place in a world where 85% of all recruiters in IT-staffing have less than 24 months of experience.

Many of the companies that are successful in “strategic staff augmentation” are those maintaining staffs of senior recruiters and account managers averaged seven years of staffing experience and have absolutely mastered an understanding of technology problem-solving requirements.  In fact, many clients rely on senior recruiters and managers to help develop long-term workforce and business management strategies to address both their future and immediate needs.

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