Five Ways Professional Development Training Strengthens Your Company

Many top executive recruiters have recently had to make an addition to their hiring criteria: candidates who can promote internal growth. Introducing a learning environment into your company creates both improvement and a sense of fulfillment for employees. There are many benefits to professional development training and here are five of the most important reasons why you should consider implementing such a program in your workplace.

More Efficient Work

This step involves teaching your staff to be even more efficient at something they already regularly do. For example, offer an in-depth course on advanced Microsoft Excel use. Most people already know the basics of Excel, but would benefit from learning about other features that could be regularly employed in their duties. Taking a few hours out of the office schedule now for such a learning experience can prevent many hours of lost employment time in the future by teaching your employees how to use certain programs to the best of their abilities. The benefits may not be immediately apparent, but will be well worth it in the long run.

Retaining Employees

As more and more baby boomers head into retirement, we are seeing much younger people hired for legal positions. These workers want to learn additional skill sets to add to their pre-existing talents so that they can become a valued member of the company. By holding professional development sessions, you are promoting growth within the organization and instilling a sense amongst your staff that their talents are appreciated and will continue to grow with time. This will make them more likely to stay with the company should another employment opportunity arise. Finance and accounting staffing firms are constantly on the lookout for workers who have up-to-date skill sets and can handle a rapidly changing environment. Adding the incentive of personal growth to your company increases the likelihood of employee retention.

Improve Your Company Value

When looking at professional growth from a client’s perspective, there is no downside. As a company learns and grows, it is able to perform more services for clients. For example, adding that extra value might allow the firm to negotiate a better contract with a pre-existing partner. On the other end of the scale, a marketing organization looking to hire a general counsel executive search firm discovers that your company cannot offer the services they need. This is a missed opportunity that could have been capitalized on had the necessary internal professional development taken place.

Meet the Demands of an Evolving Workspace

One of the main things that many recruiters now look for in their employees is adaptability. It is one thing to have a current skill set, but are you able to quickly adapt to changes and learn new things? For instance, a legal search firm in Chicago constantly needs to adjust their search criteria based on the changing environment. As additional legal issues arise, more law firms need to recruit employees who specialize in these new sectors. To stay competitive with other businesses, you need to have knowledgeable employees who can function at a level equal to, or better than, the competition.

Create Successors within the Company

As much as some CEOs might like, most will not be able to work until the end of their lives; eventually someone will have to replace them. Often such bosses will take an employee under their wing as a way of grooming them to fill their position. Sometimes the candidate they choose turns out to be the wrong one, but so much time and money has already been invested at that point, there is little choice but to stick with them. By holding professional development sessions, you can educate a wider group of contenders, which makes it easier to select best one. It is not always easy to justify using valuable company time to train employees, but more often than not, it will strengthen the organization in the long run. If any of the above examples sound applicable to your business, try implementing your very own professional development program as a way of ensuring a productive and profitable future.

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