How to Fill the Role Faster with Recruiters

Hiring can happen in a flash. Don’t get caught off-guard with the wrong candidate, or worse—caught in a rut without anyone at all to step up for the occasion.

Follow this guide to fill your role faster with recruiters who know what they’re doing.

Tell Them What You Need Before You Need It

Don’t just tell recruiters about the kind of role you want to fill at the eleventh hour.

Organizations tend to grow at a pretty steady rate, despite the “explosive growth” mythologized in our modern startup craze. That means you’ll have an idea about what kind of role you’re hiring for sooner than later.

Work directly with your recruiter solve hiring challenges before they become problems. Recruiters bring networks, so let them tap into it proactively.

This yields higher-quality candidates in the long run—candidates who feel like they’re being selected on personal merits rather than just being a number, and they have more time to plan for the transition.

Tap Recruiters’ Networks Before Posting the Job Offer

Give your agency (and, by extension, yourself) a head start by letting them tap their network before a posting goes live.

This lets them pick out the passive candidates who won’t trip over themselves trying to impress your hiring manager.

You can also run the job posting side by side with the recruiter, but you’ll have to sift through a flood of unqualified candidates and still try to make time for the worthwhile ones if you do.

Give yourself time to breathe by following a straightforward process with your agency recruiter. Skip the headache.

Equip Recruiters to Pre-Screen Candidates

You’ve hired a recruiting agency for a reason: nobody wants to spend hours flipping through unqualified resumes to find one person right for the job (if they haven’t moved on by the time you get there).

Spend 20 minutes with your recruiter to let them handle the pre-screening for you. It’s going to save tens of hours per person in your organization.

They already have an idea of who would and wouldn’t fit into your organization. They can already talk with candidates about salary ranges discreetly as well. Take advantage.

Onboard Candidates with the Recruiter’s Knowledge

Continue your recruiter’s momentum by creating a smooth onboarding process.

By letting your agency know about the kinds of projects and tasks the role requires, you’ll be able to hit the ground running when that person starts with you.

You’ll already have an idea about the person’s skill level in all key areas, letting you bring them up to speed with precise training exercises and mentorship to cover specific skill gaps.

Help Them Frame Your Company Culture as Desirable

Last but not least is your recruiter’s ability to represent the best that your company has to offer. To be clear, you aren’t paying recruiters to be your cultural advocates—but that’s precisely what makes them great at it.

Candidates won’t necessarily take your word for it when you tell them what a great place your workplace is. You can bet every penny in your hiring budget that candidates will ask recruiters about your company before seeing you.

The agency works for you, but it’s also accountable to the candidate. That’s why you need to have honest discussions about the perks and challenges of working at your office.

Honesty and transparency speak louder than bonus incentives and free lunches. Use that to your advantage.

Fill your roles faster in a consultation with the Career Path Group.

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