How to Treat Your Employees Well Without Breaking the Bank

Would you dream of driving a car without insurance?

No. So why would you build a company without ensuring your employees want to stay? You don’t need to spend money extravagantly to accomplish that-just follow some of these tips to build the loyalty you need in a team. Whether you run an accounting firm or a software development company, you can get what you need without going broke.

Unlimited Work-From-Home Days

Small and medium businesses demand an even tougher work ethic from corporate employees of the past. New grads and interns can end up working just as long and hard as CEOs to do their part. They know that the work doesn’t always fit into a 9-5 schedule. You can facilitate that work ethic with flexibility.

Ultimately, that means employees tend to be “always on,” even if it’s acceptable not to be. Indeed, the team members who get rewarded are the ones who go above and beyond. If employees need to be outside the office to balance work and life, then let them!

Don’t confuse this with unlimited vacation-they’re still working eight hours per day. You’re trusting team members to get things done no matter where there are, for any of these reasons:

  • Failing ill
  • Looking after a pet or child
  • Car repairs
  • Flight delays or heavily interrupted sleep schedules
  • Living just a little too far away

Traditional 9-5 schedules are fragile. Small blips on the radar can throw that tight schedule out of rhythm, so meet your employees half-way. If you hired the right person, then you will trust them to do good work. The change in scenery and occasional solitude can go a long way toward maintaining productivity, too!


Giving dedicated employees a little time off is warranted-that rest period is crucial for people to come back to work energized with fresh ideas. Vacations are supposed to do this, but let’s be real about them for a moment: most people save their vacation time for holidays where they travel, visit too many people at once, and may or may not end up fighting off some sort of sickness.

That’s not actually restful, and we all know it. Give team members some well-needed time off. Think about how this could benefit creatives, strategists, and leaders.

We’re not talking about a year off, like in a university-maybe a month or two every four to six years. Not only does it build goodwill with your team, but it can be used as an incentive to retain talent you’ve painstakingly trained over the years. It’s a win-win tactic, because that sabbatical will be a small price for around five years of focus and dedication.

And let’s be honest-you don’t want to go through the hiring process any more than necessary.

Technology Stipends

Many companies run on a bring-your-own-device policy, outside of corporate environments-and corporations still heavily subsidize their employees’ phone plans. The line between personal and professional devices can be hard to identify.

But many companies rely on their employees to bring their own laptops, phones, chargers, and even basic software (like Microsoft Office). Giving employees a technology stipend lets them afford the hardware they need to complete tasks. Who doesn’t use a computer these days?

Corporate Meal Plans

People tend not to be great at managing their food intake, either in portion size or in food type. Contributing even two healthy meals per week helps your employees see what they should be eating-veggies and reasonable portions fuel the body far more efficiently than instant noodles.

The strategy here is help your employees get their feet in the door with healthy living. They’ll start paying for their own healthy lifestyles after receiving the benefits of a modest meal plan, and that’s what you’re really after. A team in top form gets things done, plain and simple.

The benefit to you is a team that has enough energy to dive feet-first into each day instead of just “getting through” them, and who achieve more while still getting along as a team. Frankly, people with drive and emotional stability don’t waste their energy on petty office politics. Remember to look into it as a business write-off.

Good employees are worth keeping, and building loyalty in every team member will strengthen your organization far more than most workplaces can dream of. It makes talent retention a no-brainer. Many of these tactics cost little or nothing to implement, and you can start phasing them immediately.

But first you need to hire the right people-and that’s where the Career Path Group can help. Contact us to start building the best team possible.

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