What does it take to get an interview?

The fact is there is no magic bullet for matching the ideal client and talent. It takes experience, up-to-date resources, solid relationships, in combination with lots of hard work.

What does it take to get the right job?

We like to think one of our strengths is to discern the job categories that are going to be more in demand now and in the future and fit most of your requirements.

Does it pay to flood the market with my resume?

Career Path Group is where you turn to when you are tired of sending out hundreds of resumes. Whether direct hire, interim/contract, contract-to-hire consulting, we have positions that are not listed anywhere else.

Is there a cost to job seekers for Career Path Groups services?

There  is no cost to job seekers for our service. Our corporate clients pay us a fee for finding them talent.

If I don’t accept a job, will you call again for another one?

Not every job is the right fit. That is why we try and manage your expectations. A position has to be a true “opportunity”, for us to move forward. If you don’t see the opportunity (circumstances that are better than your current ones), we move on and explore other situations that match your skillset, quality of life, location, salary considerations and professional career trajectory.

What should I wear for my interview?

As the saying goes, “first impressions are lasting impressions”. Unless otherwise suggested by your recruiter to dress casually, consider the interview your formal introduction to your potential new employer. Remember A company has shown interest in you and is willing to take their valuable time to bring you to their office and have their staff and management spend time with you, to see if they should offer you a position with their firm. Your appearance shows that you appreciate the opportunity. Men should wear a pressed suit (preferably black, blue or grey) pressed shirt and tie. Shoes should be polished hair, beards, moustaches and fingernails trimmed. Women should wear a conservative business suit or blouse and skirt. Light on jewelry and perfume. It would be a shame to lose an opportunity because of something as controllable as appearance.