Majority of Job Seekers Value Opportunity Over Work Perks, New Study Says

Job seekers revealed an interesting fact about their priorities when selecting a new job in a new study, seemingly going against new workplace trends. In its fourth annual Workplace Survey, Addison Group set out to better understand what attracts job candidates to new positions, and concluded job seekers value opportunities that could help their overall career path over work perks in the office.

Rather than an arcade room, ping pong table and a fully-stocked kitchen, 80 percent of active job seekers said they would be willing to sacrifice office perks for a job. In addition, 70 percent of these active job seekers surveyed said they would be willing to work weekends and holidays if it helped the trajectory of their career path.

Tom Moran, CEO of Addison Group, said they’re “fascinated by the results” of this survey each year, which provides better insight into what active job seekers really want. “This year, it seems that job seekers have reoriented their focus squarely on the more transactional elements of the workplace – gaining new skills, career pathing, and overall professional development,” explained Moran. “To hire and retain the best talent, we need to understand as an industry how to accommodate this desire.”

Another finding from this study that might go against contrary beliefs is only 17 percent of job seekers wish to leave their current job because they dislike their manager, with 7 out of 10 active job seekers reporting they’re still satisfied at work. However, these active job seekers are more concerned with the future of their careers – for example getting ahead, making more money and being valued more. So it’s no surprise 85 percent of active job seekers said they have anxiety about doing more to get where they want in the future.

In all, the findings of this survey should readjust employers’ thoughts on attracting new talent. The days of attracting job seekers with flashy perks could be behind us – for now. As Moran said, “Workplace sentiments are in constant flux.” Career fulfillment seems to be at the top of job seekers’ priority lists, and that likely won’t change anytime soon.

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